Design vs. real production

The preperation for building the prototype has been ongoing for some months now. After reaching a point where I thought it was a completed product, I then had to rethink the design of Bike Parker on account of a streamlined production and ease of assembly. The two metal beams were turned into a bigger single piece to lower the production effort and costs. For building up the prototype all the round corners are gone too.

Below you can see the process of the design from the left to the right. I found out that the concrete foot was very complex in production and had some design issues that would make the process of putting the bike in the bike rack uncomfortable. The result of a new more comfortable and also cheaper design was a new base constructed from metal. With that figured out, it's now onto the next step, the production of the single parts.

Tanja Friedrich
Demo day 2018

BIKE PARKER has been at the Demo Day in Salzburg, an awesome start-up event organised by Startup Salzburg. I got a lot of positive feedback,  and had the opportunity to connect with a lot of interesting people and hang out with friends. It was a great time! The visitors even voted for my project to be the winner of the best upcoming start-up, and I won a trip to the 4gamechangers Festival in Vienna. I'm looking forward to checking it out, and if you're there, please come and say hi!

Tanja Friedrich

Supported by the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice, I will soon be producing the first working prototype of BIKE PARKER,which should be ready exactly one year from now. After that, in order to gauge response, it will find it's way to it's natural environment - the city.  This is the first big milestone to reach. 

Recently, I had the initial meeting meeting with Regasystems of Freilassing, a company specialised in engineering. Together we will develop BIKE PARKER in detail and from there make the first steps into production. I'm excited to see my idea in the metal!

Tanja Friedrich
Suddenly, AN Award!

BIKE PARKER is already winning awards!
I was called by my university adviser, and told to go to the Salzburger Landespreis 2018 event. He gave me no clues as to why I needed to be there, so it was a shock when I got 1st place in the category for Design Institutions the Salzburg area. Off to a pretty good start!

Tanja Friedrich
CAD modelling helps

Using CAD really helps to find out what is not working in your sketches or mock up. Building BIKE PARKER as a 3D model helped it get one step closer to being real, since the program is built on real world rules. The construction of the bike rack gave me finally answers about stress calculations and production details. Next step, building a functional prototype.

Tanja Friedrich
Finishing the concept

Between the workshop days, I worked on sketches to define the details and then went back to the workshop to realise them. From there, it's back to the sketch board to change what didn't work in reality. It was a finger breaking process till I finished the design, but worth it! 

Tanja Friedrich
Learning by doing - workshop time

The hardest question about this idea was how to lift up the bike mechanically. I had to spend many weeks in the workshop to figure out how this can work...many trials, many fails. Finally one model worked pretty well despite being built in wood.

Tanja Friedrich
The basic idea was simple

After a lot of analysing my research and also a lot of brain storming, I had the idea of a vertical bike rack. It should be a modular system that is space saving and helps the user lift the bike, enabling those with heavy bikes or less strength to use the rack also.

the idea.jpg
Tanja Friedrich
Research research research

To solve a problem you first have to analyse it. I spent more than 10 days at the train station in Salzburg to watch people parking their bikes. I observed different biker's habits and did a lot of talking. In the end I had many results which I had to categorise and finally break down to a handy sheet.

 The final results of surveys, observations and interviews.

The final results of surveys, observations and interviews.

Tanja Friedrich
The beginning of an idea

The reason why I started this project was, of course my master thesis, but the issue itself, the chaotic situation of bike parking everywhere. Because I am very into biking I am experiencing the problems myself.  Bike parking in the public space is a mess and so it doesn't feel safe. This I want to change with design. 

Tanja Friedrich